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Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the floor and pointing them up. Thus creating the effect of “up lighting”. ​This effect not only enhances the appearance of your event, it also enhances photographs that are taken by your photographer. Using uplighting gives you full capability to match your events decor and gives your space that special touch. Pick any color themes and we’ll make it happen. Uplighting is a very effective way to dramatically improve the ambience of an event space. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, concerts, school dances, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties, or any party you’re hosting. You can use uplighting in any size event venue, or even just a small home. Accent walls with color, highlight special areas, or cast a welcoming and festive glow through your event venue with uplighting. It’s the easiest and more affordable way to transform your event party! 


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