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Draping is a wonderful design element that will inspire a sense of elegance to the room. It has the ability to simultaneously hide anything you want concealed, such as an unwanted door or wall color, as well as bring a heightened sense of splendor to a space, giving it an otherworldly magic and wonder. Drape can be used as a backdrop for a sweetheart table, where you are transforming this area into he focal point, or used to hide anything unsightly. Uplights and Gobos are both an excellent pairing with the drape, which will attract attention and make for a truly special evening. White is the best color when pairing with Uplights or Gobos.

To get started with a quote, we need to learn the height and the linear width of the drape needed for your event. That information will allow us to provide you with an accurate price quote.

Click the request estimate button below to get started. 

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